Robins Roundtable

Our latest offering provides you the opportunity to participate in interactive conversations with fellow business professionals on key topics.

Using their years of experience working with leaders across industries and geographies, the Robins School's renowned faculty lead these educational sessions during which participants can share experiences, challenge perspectives, and gain new insights. Faculty roundtable facilitators bring lessons learned both in and out of the classroom to drive valuable learning among participants.

In future months, our faculty experts will be facilitating Roundtables on other timely topics in a similar format. Do you have a topic to suggest? What are the practical challenges facing those in your role or your industry? If you could spend focused time learning practical tips in a facilitated conversation with a small group of professionals from other organizations, what topic would you want at the center of that discussion? Email us your suggestions at

Past Sessions

Decision-Making with Purpose (Richard Coughlan)

Customer Centricity (Joel Mier)